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About the company

Our mission

We strive to instill in the daily lives of people on the planet our premium product – amazing Arabic dates. To create a global Arabian date brand, claiming to the whole world the status of the UAE as centre of innovation and the Arab leader of the Arab Renaissance.

Corporate Outlook

Company food stuff Trading XPM demonstrating these unique and ancient cultural fruits of Arab land. Keeping all the advantages of natural and excellent taste of dates, today we offer a product that can immensely contribute to a balanced diet.

Our amazing dates are represented by abundant varieties, grown according to the highest skills of tens of thousands of people employed in agriculture. The company XPM food stuff Trading interested in improving the quality of life of clients through the offer of innovative product and improved nutrition, and sustainable production of these products.

Date palm

Date palm is the tree of life. It has been known since prehistoric times. Her name is mentioned in the most ancient manuscripts and Scriptures that tells us of the glorious past, combined with updated knowledge . This blessed tree has such deep roots in human culture, as the history of humanity as a whole, as well as the history of the Arabs in particular. The latter inherited a love of the date palm from all previous generations, recognized its importance, learning to grow it and take care of her. But how else?

This is the mother of all trees, which so many on the planet. This blessed tree is nurtured with much love and care, it keeps Allah himself.

It is in climatic zone of the Arabian Peninsula the largest ripe, sweet and delicious dates. Recognized as the best in the world dates from the UAE.

The status of the company

The company XPM food stuff Trading was established in accordance with resolution No. 5 of the Emirate of AbuDhabi session 17.05.2005 year and since then is a member of the General holding Abu Dhabi.

CEO XPM food stuff Trading Rasizada.

Sales Director Rasizada of Abdulwahid.

Assistant to the General Director of the company ХPM food Trading LLC Rashidzoda Maryam.